What to Consider When Taking Up Montessori Teacher Training Course?

With the continuous growth in number and registrations in Montessori schools across the globe, certified preschools are in great demand. Montessori is not just a simple method in which a tutor has to teach small kids about reading, writing and learning, in reality, it is the philosophy of life! In this modern pre-school method, various pedagogies are involved to grow a child completely. If we talk about Kindergarten training, then its teachers come from a huge range of backgrounds.

In advanced countries like US, four year college degree is must to become a Preschool trainer in nonpublic or public school for all age groups. However, in many school, only a bachelor’s degree is enough to work as a trainer in Preschool.

Below are some important factors that one should consider while enrolling in Montessori Course Mumbai:

• Classes type

The class type depends on upon the university or institution offering the course. Some Montessori Course asks for high standard degree while, other institutions need 2 year application program in science or arts stream. Make sure about the % needed to take admission in Montessori Training program. Grades play an important role in grabbing good course for teaching program. Make sure about the classes type offered by institution, you can talk to trainers to know about the activities and training sessions. Ask about the co-curricular activities and volunteer programs for enhanced information.

• Distance program

If you are a working woman and still want to flourish your training skills, then go for distance learning program. Look for full certification programs recommended by an affiliated board for better job opportunities. Ask for the allotted institutions where you can join classes at weekends.

• Experience

Before choosing any institution for the Montessori Training program, know about its experience and years of training. Look for the activities, classes, theory, philosophy and observation classes offered by the academic institute. Ensure whether they are working with adult education or have credentials beyond Montessori.

• Teaching material

Look for the various teaching materials offered by teacher training course. After the completion of course, you must know how to use advanced teaching materials like DVD player, video player, creative drawing, abacus etc.

• Multiple trainers

Make sure the institute have multiple trainers to develop you as a complete teacher. Learn various interpretations and pedagogies taught in the class. Share your thoughts with the mentors and enhance your teaching skills.

• Fee

Before getting enrolled in any Montessori Course, look for its fee structure. If you are planning to go for online classes, visit multiple websites and compare the prices offered by various institutions. You can negotiate fee as per your budget.

• Curriculum

Look for various topics and syllabus offered by Montessori Training institution. Make sure curriculum is including different teaching methods and pedagogies. Explore about various education methods and try to implement them in your daily school teaching.

Keep all these points in mind before taking up admission in any Montessori teacher training course. Visit National Academy and enroll yourself in best Montessori teaching course to carve your career as a professional teacher!

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