My Best Friend — Mon meilleur ami — Movie Review

I saw the movie My Best friend (Mon meilleur ami) a while ago. A beautiful 2006 french movie about friendship and the lack of it in ones life. The story is about François an Arts dealer who thinks he has everything.

Then one night on the dinner table at a restaurant he is challenged by his business partner that he does not have a best friend and they make a bet and François starts his search to find his best friend in the next ten days.

He goes to many of his business contacts and even land up at the door of an old childhood friend (as he remembers) only to know that he was never liked by many. This would to many sound like the story of scrooge where the Ghosts show him his past present and future. That could have been an inspiration, but they have made a true one out of that inspiration.

He finally gets the help of a sociable taxi driver who he thinks can help him the tricks of making friends. The remaining story is al about the bonding he builds with the taxi driver and how the movie shapes up. Does he find his best friend? What does he learn about friendship.

An interesting movie to watch when people often mix friends with contacts. Directed by Patrice Leconte the cast is wonderfully played by Daniel Auteuil as François and Dany Boon as the Taxi Driver Bruno.

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