A vague day
Chris Coolsma

T’was a day
a vague day if I may so say
and a Lady came in from the cold,
said “may I be so bold as to share
your abode, let down my hair?”

T’was a vague day
and all I could was croak “Okay”,
She swished and swayed,
and cool drops sprayed
from her shaken locks
upon my fevered brow,
causing clouds of steam

T´was a vague day,
as I did say,
As she dried and started to bloom
and lit up the gloom
she raised her eyebrows 
and asked questions of me,
but t´was a vague day
and cold, as I did say,
so I crawled beneath my feathers
as she swayed and swished away
on that vague day.

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