Curve — All in One Card

Curve — Slim your wallet

There are few options in the market to combine multiple cards as single one to help slim your wallet.

Coin, Plastc are well known in the market. We see some downsides on those

Advantages of Curve over others

1. Requires no batteries. No need to charging or replacing batteries. Curve says a replacement card will be given

2. You can add your american express card and use it anywhere master card is accepted.

3, Foreign transaction fees of 1%. This will be useful if you dont have a card with no foreign transaction fees. It will be good to spend 1% rather than 3 % .

4. Supports msgnetic stripe, chip& pin, contactless payments, online purchases, atm withdrawals

5. Comes for around 50 USD which is right now, is a better deal compared to coin or plastc

6. Works with paypal and online retailers as well as mentioned in their website.

But you will not be getting one immediately unless you are in Europe. Also currently available only for self-employed/ business owners. Consumer launch will be coming soon

Lets wait for more updates and see whether it will be good option to slim our wallet.

Check out Curve website for more details