Entrepreneur from scratch..

This is one guy we really connected as an social entrepreneur Mr.Prashant Lingam not because he was successful, because he was the one who told most of his journey with truth and in open minded.

Eco Sofa to Forest Act :

Right after his marriage searched for a Eco friendly sofa and ended up in Indo-bangla border. He saw a whole village which had accessibility to bamboo but where not using them in a businesslike manner, so he wanted to work with them for making a business. spent whole year to know about bamboo and how stuff work around there. The first time he cut the grass and transported was busted by police for violating forest act. Then only he came to know about forest act studied top to bottom, so he found some policy as old from 1927 still in practice. Which doesn't give much rights to tribal people, he started case against the government to change the Act. After 11 years of struggle the government has some what liberalized in rules.


his purpose was he saw people of the village who has a chance of improving their livelihood through their natural resources. so he started working for them went to all extends lost money, depressed, kidnapped, lost his relations. How can all this happen to a human at consecutive times, but these happened in his life. Through all this what made him stand till now is his purpose, some people may have contradiction how can your purpose be external oriented. Any how at last its internal only, because we are the one who’s going to be satisfied from the works.

work again & again until done:

when he started to work with bamboo, there was not even a market where there was bamboo available as resource. Still he wanted to work when every one of his family & relatives were not so happy even though he continued. He questioned against the government about the act giving rights to people in forest, after 11 years government legalized that bamboo can be cut from unreserved forest area. In the journey 2007, when he wanted money for his work went to all the banks. None of the banks were in such a situation to believe his ideas, Even he reached out to reputed B-schools was left empty handed. He spent 60 lakh of his money that his family went into a situation where they had food once/day, then he managed to run his business now he is success.

only I have to run the last mile:

He started with no were making furniture of bamboo with constant efforts for years, reading experimenting its property pouring in lacks of money. In the mean time he was selling furniture, crafts he was sure bamboo wont survive if its still sold in form of crafts. parallel y he spent money on trial & error method on his next compact home design, he was not qualified to financial institutions criteria. Took the risk on his part managed to arrange finance in his R&D, people said he was over risking but the last mile decision he only took and became success. When there was more demand for his work he dint want to make his team over work without peace of mind, this last mile decision it could have brought him more money into his life & organisation. Instead he stayed as cockroach startup to stand for his team.

There will be situation where we have to choose the level of impact of our work, it in our hands go for what your gut feeling says. people may say its slow or not enough be sure what your gut says work by it, success in others term will happen one day.