Role Models..

Say your role models i will say who your are is well applicable phenomena.

I am recalling my memory, i personally dint remember having any role model. I am not even getting any one of their picture are person in name. All about my role models were every were, they were present around me,Stranger on the road any actor on TV.

during my school days, my friends and my brother were my role models. The one thing i learned from school is how to socialize with people. being social i was able to people unique skill and have admired, even i have built some characters from them.


It’s his name the guy with me in 5th standard, he was my role model that time.He has this character of ruling the crowd with his giggly speech and also dominating individuals was a character i admired and wanted to build. The thing was i dint like him much for his dominating, but looking back now i wanted that character.


Being my elder brother, he is basketball player from his age 10. now he has played for national teams, works in banking sector by sports as his qualification. all my life traveled together with him, he will be wining all the games a celebrity in my school. I found that love he had toward the game, he don’t know most of my relatives because he will be out for tournaments. The real love and passion towards our goal will make us reach heights. That passion was the character i admired in him.

Jadav “Molai” payeng:

A Man from Assam tribe “Mishing”, 1979 started planting 20 bamboo trees when he saw snakes dying. He also worked in government project as labor for 5 years planting trees in 200 hectares, after which on his own interest made it to 550 hectares/1362 acres forest department found this only in 2008 . The days when i really lost my hope about Environment, i saw the article about him online. That moment gave me the hope of my life, yes a single human can make big things alone. Mainly to the environment was the thing i was considered about, from Jadav i learnt the character.I can work alone with love to create a forest on my own.

Mahatma Gandhi:

I don’t have to introduce the father of nation with any special line or work he have done. In my schooling age i have read about Gandhi, it was just memorizing his name for exam sake i dint knew more about him or the value he had. when i finished my engineering after nearly 10 years only i understood the work he did and values he had. I prefer seeing him as a social scientist than freedom fighter, he was clear in how to handle different people.Once Ambedhkar had contradiction with gandhi and knowing this gandhi wrote a letter to ambedhkar . In this letter he first accepts ambedhkar contradiction and puts his view on the topic with different angle in a way convincing him to meet and to speak on solution. including this value of him “be the change you want to see in this world”. This character of gandhi dealing his oppositions in a way to solution by speech is one character i want to learn.

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