World is my home..

If i could the first place i will travel is Amazon forest and New Zealand.


I have this craze towards forest i always want and wanted to live in forest, which i consider close to nature. why amazon is it has two of my dreams one forest other is people of that world. The life they live work daily for your own food find it eat it, there is no guarantee that we will get food every day, even any time death can happen but life goes with out any hazy and hurry of catching the bus. It has 390 billion trees with 16000 species. I want to stay there with the tribal people in their village a life with out paper money where only barter system , knowing their culture and the knowledge they have learnt from forest. Having bonfire dancing all night singing taking part in their forest parties, “Satere Mave” Ant ceremony want these in amazon.

New zealand:

The land of long white cloud with its more scenic mountains with clouds touching past them is the magic it carries. The climates of Autumn where the trees change its nature of storing its energy from leaves letting it dry to fondle upon the earth to attain other form of nature as fertile and back to tree. where its winter pours white cover over the land.


spreading over 5 nations with peak of 8000 m (26,246 ft) is highest. The main thing with Himalayas is the altitude. I live just 20 km from the sea, i have seen western ghats with 3000 ft which was its a natures dream. I have seen Himalayas pictures before but experiencing the fell lively was out of the world to me at 20k ft. The environment was like i was in my dream land. The other thing with Himalaya is also its people, there was not much people is a happy part from my side also their hospitality was so humble and friendly. I want to experience the positivist it holds at Mount Kailash, if we notice India has a magnetic pull more towards north. This is because naturally this mountain range tectonic plateau move towards north, so i want to experience that positivism. I have a yearly plan to Himalayas.

Western Ghats:

At close distance to me is western Ghats with its total green cover dense forest and mist that blinds us keeps proving that we still have hope for this world and nature is one thing we still dint understand.starting from tip of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and up till Maharashtra. I want to take my bike have a camp made pick up my life partner with me and going to Rome around all of western ghats for months. This is one thing which is first one my to do list, this travel will give me chance to taste all the food of 4 different states. what else do we want.

These are the places i currently have in my Mind.

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