An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

Pokevision = map hack. Have you ever played StarCraft with the cheat “Black Sheep Wall” on single player? It’s pretty much what Pokevision is to Pokemon Go. It’s a cheat that reveals the entire map, pretty much shows where all the resources are and where your enemy bases are located. Pokevision is pretty much the same damn thing, instead of looking for the “enemy”, it’s shown to you. That’s no fun!

I’m glad Niantic banned Pokevision and other similar sites/apps. People just want a piss-poor excuse to hunt and capture rare Pokemon before anyone else. If I run into a gym that has a Snorlax, I want to know the only possible way they could have achieved that is through hard work (10K egg hatching) or luck of running into it.

Don’t ruin the concept of the game by cheating, go exploring!

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