Teach your kids the proper names for their genitalia!

When we were young, everything had a cute nickname associated with it. The babytalk conversation made everything cute and lovey-dovey, and that’s okay; but only up until a certain age. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have grown up with funny names associated with everything but most importantly for one’s private parts; just because theirs an awkwardness with calling our gentialia as is. But this is also a failed attempt to make things comfortable for the parents, they don’t understand that they are giving their kids a VERY wrong message/idea that their is something wrong and embarrassing and even shameful with these important parts of our body.

Its a deep rooted issue. And I hope it stops with us, this generation

So, let me help you understand the importance of these conversations

Our body is divine. Every body part we have has a proper name, and it’s imperative and absolutely fine to use those names! For eg; we call our legs, hands, nose, fingers-what they’re . So it becomes even more important to teach our kids the proper terms for one’s private part. Because, honestly, words like vagina, breasts, penis, and testicles aren’t bad words. They are what they’re. There’s no SHAME associated with it.

Moreover, they need to be aware of their own body, from an young age because it’ll help them understand things better. Teaching young kids about “good and bad touch” is extremely vital, both girls and boys have to be educated about it. Consent doesn’t wait for an age- it’s a person’s right as soon as they’re born.

So when young minds become aware of the actual names for their body parts, it genuinely creates a positive effect on their body confidence and body image; making it way too easier for them to communicate in dangerous or any harmful situations.

And this creates a level of comfort, when its time they have questions. Especially a conversation like sex, that’s mostly dreaded by both parents’ and the kids’ alike, having a communicative and open end conversation with kids from very young age, helps them get educated about it through YOU. And honestly that’s any day better, than getting any wrong ideas from friends, movies or even porn

And when and if parents, make the conversation around a person’s private parts sound uncomfortable or avoid certain words or conversations, kids can easily form an opinion about it thinking that its wrong, dirty, or fobidden. That, conversations like these need to happen behind closed doors. Because children imitate us more than LISTEN to us. And sometimes these conversations happen without saying much, they interpret it as shameful and they won’t be comfortable talking about anything regarding their body anatomy or ask questions especially even when someone misbehaved with them with regards to theirs or others’ private parts.

And most importantly talk about boundaries

It’s extremely important that whenever you speak to a young kid especially about about their private parts that you emphasize- they are private, not because its shameful BUT because they need to know that their body is THEIRS and no one else’s. It belongs to them and consent is IMPORTANT, no matter WHO’



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