Advantages of Ruby on Rails Framework Over Other Web Development Platforms

Ruby on Rails is a platform that is grabbing headlines in the app development market for all good reasons. There are several advantages of this framework, which is getting all the developers to switch to this platform and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Here are a few excellent advantages of using Ruby on Rails to build your software application.

  • Open source platform- Ruby software combined with Rail framework, is open sourced, and thus, can be accessed by anyone, without worrying about licenses. Since you need not pay for the license, you save money while using the platform.

The other web development platforms require you to buy the license before operating.

  • Content rich- The library of Ruby on Rails is rich in content and multimedia features. The framework allows you to use and reuse features that you have created or picked up from the available content in the library.
  • Community support- More and more app developers are moving over to Ruby on Rails after ensuring its benefits. As a result, there is a huge and supportive community out there for the starters.
  • Faster processing- The most tedious part of an app development is writing several codes to get the app running. Ruby on Rails requires fewer codes to run, and some codes are available on the enriched library. Hence, you can finish up your app development much faster on Ruby on Rails, than other platforms.
  • Cost-effective- When you do not have to pay auxiliary costs such as purchasing and maintaining licenses and you need not write too many tedious codes, you finish the job early. Thus, operating on the platform is highly cost effective, when compared to other platforms.
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