Are the beginning and end of the Universe connected?
Ethan Siegel

Admittedly, I am largely ignorant of astrophysics and find any math — much less advanced math — to be repellent…

…but I must say the title of the article intrigued me; if only because I have this wild amateur theory that nests into the premise.

The idea rejects the theoretical “correction” of Hawking radiation. Information isn’t destroyed in a black hole…

…because all black holes “lead” to one white hole — the Big Bang.

My inspiration is childish; “Marty! You’re just not thinking fourth dimensionally!”

But the idea is that everything is reduced to a quantum state at the singularity of a black hole… and at the quantum level time has no meaning (In a linear sense). So why can’t the information paradox be “solved” by saying that everything that falls into a black hole ends up at the beginning of time?

Add the heat death of the universe leading to a big rip wherein everything is reduced to the quantum level… and you essentially can have a “reset” — since the universe seems to be an unequal balance between quantum and “atomic” states… chaos and order. The pendulum swings.

The beginning is the end is the beginning. The Big Bang has happened, will happen, and is always happening…

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