Vinson, is a bigotry against religious ‘Mericans showing?

I’m always a fan of being reminded that my opinion doesn’t matter. As far as your allusion to “a legitimate political agenda that accommodates… a very large voting block of citizens” — I’m not sure you understand my meaning. I’m pointing out that the GOP has been exploiting those “sensibilities” for its own goals, in contravention of its stated governing philosophy. It’s all fair and well to bemoan the overreaches of liberals and their encroachment on personal rights and individual freedoms, but I cannot abide that complaint when it’s followed by demands to force specific religious cultural practices into law. Where were the cries of “too much government” when DOMA was passed? Every time I hear about the need to place a monument to the Ten Commandments at a court house, I’m left wondering which parts of Deuteronomy do they intend to include? I’m not being divisive so much as asking that the issue of religion be left to be an interaction between an individual and their god or their congregation. To be cast as somehow less than a true patriot by dint of my lack of religious conviction is insulting.

As far as your words of wisdom via personal anecdote…

I never said walls weren’t necessary. I was simply refuting the assertion of the author that our country doesn’t have any walls.

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