Conservative Solutions to a Broken Tax Code
Heritage Foundation

Taxes, taxes, taxes. It’s like all that’s ever talked about. I could wax about how for 30 years after WWII our economy boomed with rates as high as 70% (and did nowhere near as good continually reduced over the next 30…). I could ask the question I never seem to get an answer to regarding where exactly the fulcrum of the Laffer Curve is if of the argument is always to reduce taxes to near zero.

Instead I’ll ask what the comparison of money out of our paychecks would look like if we laid Federal Income Tax next to the aggregate of state and local taxes, fines, fees, and other tribute paid by the average citizen to keep them free. As much as it’s easy to highlight the largesse of the national government, I fear too often “conservatives” do so at the expense of ignoring the very real tyrannies of local government.

The IRS might garnish my wages or put a lean on my house, but as is more often the case than not, local and state authorities simply throw you in modern day debtor’s prison. Usually after you’ve lost access to such essential things as a driver’s or business licence.

Just a thought.

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