I don’t think it’s a semantics issue.
Alexander E Jones

The post Civil War failure to eradicate the power of the secessionists who subsequently retook control of state and local governments in the South and corrupted Reconstruction while whittling away the power of the Federal Government…

…which wouldn’t be rectified until the end of WWII which saw a Federal Government too large to be ignored. Granted, the New Deal under FDR was a compromise struck with Southern racist Democrats whereby Jim Crow and segregation was ignored in exchange for support for an enlarged and proactive Federal Government — but I think FDR understood the long game. By the late 50s and early 60s, state and local governments has no choice but to submit to Federal authority and mandates from the Supreme Court.

Which, subsequently led to a migration of Southern Democrats into the Republican Party at the behest of Nixon — ever the shrewd politician — and the eventual emergence of the “Reagan Revolution” which is still working to destroy the power of the Federal Government over the states.

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