Time and time again, we hear and now more than ever, see the heinous acts by law enforcement against Black citizens, who if they were white, would not have died.
That’s just how things are done
Risikat "Kat" Okedeyi

While I will not dispute that racism still exists and is a problem, I find increasingly that this statement and sentiment is false and is mainly perpetuated in order to inflame social anxiety.

There are just as many equally heinous and deadly interactions with law enforcement where “white” individuals are the victim. It’s just not a narrative that fits anyone’s political objectives. (i.e., for the Right it’s ignored to maintain deference to local and state authority; for the Left it’s ignored because it doesn’t support the oppressed minority narrative)

While I will defer to the fact that “black” citizens are disproportionately incarcerated — most often unfairly, due to the criminalization of being poor — this is not the same as the violence we are presented with as the “proof” that we supposedly still live in a society with a hidden apartheid of some sort.

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