The American Flag Should Be Replaced With A Scarlet Letter X For 100 Years…And Other Ideas
Marcus K. Dowling

You have a seriously flawed understanding of history if you think that the US Government hasn’t been battling to undo the horrors of southern, plantation, chattel slave -owning racism — to include fighting a Civil War, changing the Constitution, implementation of civil rights through the Supreme Court, mobilizing military forces (even Federalizing the same National Guard troops who were enforcing segregation under state law to enforce integration under Federal law)… the list goes on.

White supremacy and its institutions have largely been the work of local and state governments and their representatives in Congress, Supreme Court, and the Presidency. The tyranny of local government and the continued deference to devolved “federalism” has allowed “States rights” advocates to continue to retard efforts to undo the legacy of racist supremacism which has plagued America since before 1787.

Shame is an appropriate penance… but you show an inherent inability to understand the larger problems in context, or constructive ways to resolve them.