Vintage Wedding Decoration Basics

The vintage theme is among the best wedding decors couples can opt for. Achieving such a theme for your wedding is not always a walk through; a lot of hard work, special considerations and the right choice of a setup are needed. To achieve the best vintage decor it will take more than just one vintage element but rather several. It will mostly depend on what you think works for your situation. Below are some of the vintage wedding decoration basics that should be helpful to anyone planning a wedding.

With vintage weddings the main factor that needs careful considerations is the venue of the event. It means finding just the right location that will give that vintage impression when decorated right. Rent vintage venues like farms or barns, something that will help achieve that rustic wedding theme. A normal building surrounded by wildflowers and fields of grain can also work. A beautiful building surrounded by fields of grains or wildflowers can also work. With the right vintage venue you are on the right path to a successfully vintage wedding. You can go here to find the best venue for your vintage wedding.

After securing the right venue your focus should now shift on how to decorate it with the right vintage styles. Well this is not hard; the secret is to use vintage and casual or simple items, for instance for the tables, picnic tables will do just fine. Use picnic tables and use vintage table clothing to bring out that old style. You can use bandannas, quits or the Native American blankets, also make sure you pick the right colors that will complement the lighting and color at the venue.

To create a vintage style with the flower arrangement at the venue, use old and vintage flower vases, you can instead use old tea pots but make sure you arrange them strategically. For the flowers, you should arrange them in old teapots and place them at strategic locations. They always bring that old look which is want vintage is all about.

One thing that has always worked when creating a vintage setting is the hanging of vintage items. They had hanged and suspended a number of vintage items on the trees and walls; the look was so real I thought I was back to the 1920s. You can also include a vintage whisky bar at one corner with a rather casual set-up. You could try this style, and add something like a vintage bar by placing old whisky bottles on a vintage table somewhere at the edge.

The wedding car you choose should be also be vintage or classical not forgetting the traditional ‘Just Married’ banner at the back after the wedding. You can add a ‘Just Married’ sign at the back and/or tie some vintage containers with writings that you can drag along. The choice of the vehicle will depend on your style and preferences.

For a vintage theme you have to include everything. Choose vintage materials and use some of the oldest fonts or ink to write the message. For further details about vintage weddings, view website.

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