How to Reinstate a Suspended Account on Amazon?

These days, anyone can own and run a small business by selling items on the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon lets you to list any item they also advertise, in either new or used condition, where any Amazon customer can purchase it. Alike to eBay, it is feasible to find your Amazon Account suspended if consumers claim that you are selling deprived quality items, misrepresenting your items for sale or providing poor customer service skills. Although, there is a chance you can get Amazon to reinstate your account by appealing straightly to them.

1. Study the notice Amazon has sent; this notice notifies you why Amazon suspended your account. This notice is shown in your Amazon account online and sent to the email address that you registered with Amazon.

2. Analysis your seller information. Look for common complaints customers had or items that received the most complaints or were in violation of Amazon’s policies. You can review this information in the “Customer Metrics” section of your Amazon seller account.

3. Make a plan of action that shows what you plan to do to improve. Be careful and exact in how you will correct the problems you had when formerly selling. For instance, if many of your complaints were because of poor item quality, discuss how you will guarantee that each item you send out will be appropriately inspected. Amazon uses this plan of action to decide if they will reinstate your account.

4. Tap “Notification” on the “Customer Metrics” section of your Amazon seller account page.

5. Tap “Appeal Decision” next to the suspension you desire to appeal.

6. Copy and paste your plan of action in the text field given. Tap “Send” to send your appeal.

7. Wait for Amazon to get in touch with you regarding your decision. Usually, Amazon answers to all appeals within 48 hours with their decision to reinstate your account.

By following the above mentioned steps you can without difficulty reinstate a Suspended Account on Amazon. If you have any issue or any difficulty in reinstating your suspended seller Amazon account, simply dial toll-free Amazon Customer Service Number +1–844–444–4171 to reinstate your Amazon Account easily with step by step instructions via professionals who are accessible day and night round the clock to assist you with most suitable solutions at an affordable price. Feel free to dial us any time of day, we are accessible round the clock to assist you with quick solutions whenever require.

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