Converting proteins into music might be a great new way to create new drugs and antibodies

A radical new way to design drugs and antibodies using music.

While not obvious, there are many similarities between music and proteins.

Music is made from a set of notes — usually no more than seven. Proteins are made from twenty amino acids.

Like music, these molecules tell deep and impressive stories from this limited vocabulary.

We know now that the sequence of amino acids in proteins are not randomly shuffled or chaotic. Rather, they appear to be composed of many long strings that repeat and wrestle with each other — like the movements of a symphony.

It’s not just proteins — DNA, RNA, and many other molecules in nature share…

Technology of the Future

Glass identifies faces at the speed of light with zero power

Photo by David Gavi on Unsplash

12 July, 2070

7:00 pm

I am tired and exhausted as I walk up the curb towards my front door. Elon Musk’s funeral was sad, happy and then sad again. In tribute to Mr Musk, almost everyone was stoned, but thankfully I am starting to sober up.

Data driven AI approaches combined with robotic systems are rapidly transforming science. Image from Propagator Ventures


and it’s a good thing

One research lab at a time, robots are taking over science.

They are discovering new drugs, novel methods to grow nanotubes and expanding our library of new materials.

They don’t get tired or waste time wondering what the meaning of life is. Neither do they threaten to unionize or take sick leave.

Some of them are even beginning to formulate their own hypotheses and carry out experiments that they designed — to solve problems that they chose.

Meet Adam

Adam is one of the first robot scientists in the world. …

Ice is a magical substance. It is the color of winter. It is the coarseness of a freezing morning on a car’s windshield. It is the softness of freshly fallen snow. In our mundane world where science has pushed all occult to a corner, the shape shifting ice — now a liquid, now a solid — seems incredible.

In the 1880s large blocks of ice were cut from the Great Lakes and send on ships all the way across the world to Calcutta in India. …

The sand at the Alleppey beach is golden at sunset. Sand is a compelling substance — somehow seductive and sensuous’. Michael Welland said in ‘Sand- the never ending story’ [1].

At this sunset as rivulets of sand and water carved around my feet, nestling it in warm salty dampness, I couldn’t agree more. Around me kids built sand castles as footprints appeared and disappeared, a crab burrowed surreptitiously into mushy salty sand that was washed away in a second by furious foamy waves.

Far away from all this water, deserts are also full of sand. There is sand under rivers…

Vineeth Venugopal

Scientist working at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Material Science. Passionate science communicator and story teller

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