What have we become ?

We are a generation that are hooked up all the time. Our lives are now ruled by wires, from mobile charging cable to earphones. We are dependent on these wires as if they were oxygen or food. Every time I go out and I see eyes on screens like a tiger on prey, they just never disconnect. We leave WiFi we are on data. I see people glued on their phones when they wait for bus. I see people on their phones when they wait for a signal to change. I see people on their laptops ping a coworker when they are just a few meters away. I see people smiling at their screens and frowning at a co-passenger. I see people send smiley via a button but never smile at a kid with chocolate all over his face. I see people talk for hours but never look up across the table. I see people who listen to music but never appreciate one playing his guitar in the coffee shop. I see people taking pictures and smiling but hating them behind the back. I see people tell others how good a friend they are but never remember them. I see people share the good times with someone and the bad with someone else. I see people with their heads looking down and eyes on their screens. What are they staring at? Do they hang their head in shame?

And then I wonder. Am I alone? Do I have a friend? Does someone remember me? Am I a good person? Does anybody love me?

Because they say “I am busy chatting with friends” “I am just skyping my love” “I miss you” “I got a gift from a friend” “I have got 200 likes on my pic”

What has it come to? What have we become? Or is it What is wrong with me? What have I done?

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