Five Indie Artists Who Got Celebrities to Star in Their Music Videos

Many artists have gotten celebrities to star in their videos. It’s that little extra way of saying “hey, we have famous fans. You should check out our music too!” The thought process is clear. Star power can give a relatively unknown artist a boost.

Tom Odell is the latest indie artist to make such a move. The British singer-songwriter released his video for “Here I Am” on Monday with Kevin Spacey in it’s starring role, walking up a never-ending winding staircase and playing witness to a number of odd scenes.

As stated, Odell is not the only indie artist to take the celebrity root when casting their video. Here are five others who were lucky enough to get A-List celebrities to star in their videos.

1. Fat Boy Slim, “Weapon of Choice,” Christopher Walken: When this video came out in 2000, it seemed so odd that Christopher Walken would be in such an odd video. He’s so straight-laced that it doesn’t seem possible that he would dance around a hotel lobby. But it works and has become an iconic video for music producer Fatboy Slim. (Video)

2. Vampire Weekend, “Giving Up the Gun,” Jake Gyllenhaal: There are a lot of cameos in this video, not just Jake Gyllenhaal. Featuring a little girl playing and winning at rounds of tennis against people much older than her, the video also stars a post-Jonas Brothers Joe Jonas, RZA and Lil Jon. That’s pretty star-studded for an indie band. (Video)

3. Less Than Jake, “She’s Gonna Break Soon,” Alexis Bledel: At the height of ‘Gilmore Girls’ popularity, Alexis Bledel took a minute to star in the video for ska-punk band Less Than Jake’s video for “She’s Gonna Break Soon.” In it, she gets to have a massive freakout, pretty much destroying everything in her pretty pink room while the band plays, and watches, on. (Video)

4. Jenny Lewis, “Just One of the Guys,” Anne Hathaway: Another video with more than one famous face, Hathaway is joined by Kristen Stewart and Brie Larson, as well as Jenny Lewis (it is her video), playing in Lewis’ back-up band and dressing like guys in tracksuits. (Video)

5. Mumford & Sons, “Hopeless Wanderer,” Jason Bateman: Besides Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms and Will Forte starred in this hilarious video that almost seems like a parody of Mumford & Sons, until you realize that it’s the band parodying themselves. This also isn’t the first time Mumford had looked to the A-list for video stars. In their previous video for “Lover of the Light,” the band got Idris Elba to co-direct and star in the video as a blind man. (Video)

It’s not unusual for artists to want someone recognizable in their video, after all, they want it to be seen. Having a celebrity’s mark of approval is not a bad way to do that for both unknown and well-known artists.

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