Five Reasons Why Vinyl Records Are the Perfect Holiday Gift

Are you still wondering what to get that special person in your life? Why not buy them the gift of vinyl records this holiday season.

It’s no secret that vinyl has come back in a big way, but it’s almost surprising how big it has become. For the first time ever, vinyl sales in the UK surpassed the amount made from digital download sales last week. Compare that to the numbers from just one year ago and you’ll see that vinyl sales have doubled.

But their popularity isn’t the only reason to shop for vinyl this holiday season. Vinyl Bay 777, Long Island’s hottest new record shop, knows this better than anyone. From technology to sound and selection, here are seven reasons why vinyl records make excellent holiday gifts.

1. There are new innovations in playing vinyl: Turntable technology has gotten much better over the years and has even led to some interesting designs and innovations. For example, there is a turntable with a platter that levitates above its base when in use. There is also currently a Kickstarter for a portable vinyl player that will play your records on any flat surface, no big machinery necessary. Look and you will find a design that works for just about everyone and the space they have.

2. There are new innovations in making vinyl as well: Just like turntable technology has gotten better, the technology for pressing records has also gotten better. Dutch company Symcon is working on an injection-molding process that could improve audio quality, efficiency and reduce the cost of each album pressed. So if you thought that buying your loved one a new record was too expensive, that may no longer be the case in the next few years.

3. More artists are putting their music on vinyl: Record companies have been catching on to the vinyl trend as of late. Many artists who have never put their music on vinyl before, like Rihanna, are going back and reissuing their entire catalogs on the medium. Many new albums are being pressed for the first time with their CD and MP3 counterparts. This is great news if you have a music lover in your life who likes both vinyl and Justin Bieber.

4. The sound quality is better: It’s actually a fact, music pressed on vinyl is better than MP3s on sheer audio quality alone. Sound gets distorted when it keeps getting compressed like it does in the creation of an MP3. A recent scientific study from the Audio Engineering Library has found that we even associate different emotions with different audio qualities. Basically, buying your loved one a vinyl record could perk up their mood when they listen to it compared to listening to the same album on their phone.

5. It feels good to hold a tangible item: The thing about vinyl records and why they have become so popular in this age of compact, mobile technology, is that you can hold them in your hands. It’s very ritualistic to take the record out of its sleeve, put it on the turntable, lower the needle and play it, only to have to flip it over after a few songs to listen to the other side. The same thing has been happening with books and taking notes. Some things are just better offline. By giving someone a vinyl record, you’re saying more than just “here, have some music.” You’re saying “enjoy your music, savor it.”

Whether the person you are buying for is into new technologies, record collecting or just savoring the best music at the best quality, vinyl records make a great holiday gift for almost everyone. Now you just make sure you pick the right album for the right person.

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