Five Songs / Music Videos Released This Week You Need to Check Out (October 15–21, 2017)

Another week has officially come to an end. Time to kick back, relax and enjoy some of the music you may have missed during the hustle and bustle of the week.

This week saw a lot of great new songs and music videos. Dhani Harrison released a video for the first single from his recently released debut solo album. Morrissey and Evanescence each released new videos for their respective new singles. Weezer, Frank Turner and Taylor Swift all came out with new singles from their upcoming albums. MGMT gave fans a taste of their new album with a video for their first single in nearly four years.

Vinyl Bay 777, Long Island’s music outlet, has once again been scouring the internet for the latest new songs and music videos. Here are five of our favorites that we think you will enjoy.

1. Morrissey, “Spent the Day In Bed”: A new video for Morrissey’s latest single “Spent the Day in Bed” was released this week. The song is an interesting take on dealing with the politics of today. In its straightforward lyrics, he argues that one should stop paying attention to the news and the problems of the day because the only safe place to be is in your own bed. It’s the kind of political and social commentary you would expect from Morrissey, set to a memorable new wave tune. I don’t really understand the wheelchair’s use in the video, but he seems pretty comfortable when he’s singing sitting on the chair. (video)

2. Frank Turner, “There She Is”: “There She Is” is a beautiful song filled with honesty, love and happiness. In it, Frank Turner talks about how much he needs his girl in the most reverential way possible. Turner has always done honesty very well, so it’s no surprise that this song comes off so genuine and passionate. This song just begs to be played as the first dance at someone’s wedding. (video)

3. Evanescence, “Imperfection”: Evanescence released a video for their single “Imperfection” this week. The song’s dramatic and operatic flourishes expand on the band’s signature sound. Its lyrics are both powerful and empowering, providing insight into how it feels to lose someone. The video features Amy Lee remembering a traumatic incident as a little girl as she’s sitting at a bus stop in the rain. Shots of Lee belting out the song shrouded in red are interspersed with these shots, giving the video a more dramatic flair. (video)

4. Tonight Alive, “Temple”: The second single from Tonight Alive’s upcoming album ‘Underworld,’ “Temple” is a fast-paced, danceable and catchy pop-punk tune that will have you singing along in no time. Singer Jenna McDougall’s rapid-fire delivery gives this song adds a sense of urgency to the song, as if she was actually panicking about something going wrong with her body. (video)

5. Dhani Harrison, “All About Waiting”: Dhani Harrison has finally released a video for his single “All About Waiting” from his debut solo album ‘IN///PARALLEL.’ Harrison’s vocals have that slight British accent that is both unique and familiar at the same time, while the instrumentals combine elements of psychedelic and indie-rock. The song chugs along with its steady bass drum beat, only weighted down by its heavy bass line. By the end, the song begins spiraling into chaos. The video is beautifully animated and very in tune with the song’s conscious lyrics and instrumental cue. (video)

These are some of our favorite new songs and music videos that came out over the last week. Check these out and start your weekend off right with some new music.

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