Week in Review: New Songs / Music Videos Released This Week You Need to Hear (April 23 — April 29, 2017)

Ah… the weekend. Time to kick back, relax, and catch up on all the new music you may have missed during the hectic work week.

This week saw the return of a number of bands, most notably pop-rockers Fall Out Boy and sister trio Haim, who each released a new song following the teasing of new music in the weeks prior. In unexpected EPs, Foster the People released three songs from their just announced upcoming album, their first new music in nearly three years. We also got new songs from Cheap Trick and All Time Low, as well as a new video from Papa Roach and lyric video from Incubus. Then, if you like boy bands, Why Don’t We came out with a very polished new single and video you will love.

Vinyl Bay 777, Long Island’s music outlet, has been scouring the internet for the latest and greatest music and music videos of the week. Here are six of our favorites that we think you should definitely check out.

1. Why Don’t We, “Something Different”: I haven’t been impressed by a boy band in a while. But this video from Why Don’t We was pretty amazing. The video’s production was smooth and the concept was inviting and inclusive. The song was pretty good too. These guys harmonize well with each other and each member gets their own chance to sing, which is way more democratic than some of yesteryear’s boy bands. (video)

2. Cheap Trick, “Long Time Coming”: Cheap Trick announced this week that they will be releasing a new album later this year titled ‘We’re All Alright!.’ With that announcement also came audio from the album’s first single, “Long Time Coming.” The song is a guitar-driven rocker that doesn’t wait to get to the “good part.” (video)

3. Incubus, “Loneliest”: The latest song from Incubus’ new album ‘8,’ “Loneliest” is a more downbeat song than some of the other tracks the band has posted online. However, in my opinion, it has a lot more depth. It shows that the band can take a more sincere and vulnerable approach to a song, rather than always going for the more aggressive topic. (video)

4. All Time Low, “Life Of The Party”: “Life Of The Party” continues this more personal, storyteller kind of lyricism that All Time Low has been employing lately. Seemingly about realizing that his drinking and partying is getting out of hand, he’s questioning why he has to be the “life of the party.” This approach shows a kind of maturity that I don’t think we’ve seen from All Time Low until now. I think it will be interesting to hear the whole album to see where this leads. (video)

5. Fall Out Boy, “Young And Menace”: Fall Out Boy made their return this week with the announcement of a new album, ‘M A N I A,’ a tour and a brand new song, “Young and Menace.” The chorus of the song starts is pretty unassuming, no different than the music the band has been putting out in the last five years. But the song gets really weird really quick. It turns into this electronic mish-mash of heavy guitars and over-mixed vocals tweaked to various intervals. The video is just as weird, displaying what appears to be a child’s nightmare where they are being chased by people in giant llama costumes. (video)

6. Haim, “Right Now”: Haim also made a big comeback this week, announcing their new album, ‘Something to Tell You,’ along with release of their first new song in four years, “Right Now.” The song is a piano and vocal-driven, down-tempo tune, that’s fairly minimal in nature. With the exception of a short guitar riff near the beginning and the addition of drums 2/3 of the way in, there isn’t much there to interrupt what the lyrics have to say. (video)

These are just some of our favorite new songs and music videos that were released in the last week. From new music from bands we haven’t heard from in a while to bands already well into the new album promotion cycle and outstanding tracks from newer artists, this has been a great week for new music. Check these songs out and start your weekend off right.

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