The Top 5 Releases of Last Week

The last week has seen a some stunning records from a variety of names unleashed on the world. But what are the five most important releases from the past seven days?

Green Velvet: did he put Carl Craig in the naughty corner?

1. Carl Craig and Green Velvet’s collaborative album — Unity

Carl Craig has gone through a rocky patch as of late, with many seeing his production as being more focused on creating deep house anthems than producing the artful, experimental music that launched his career. Perhaps being teamed up with Green Velvet relit a fire within the Chicago producer, and he rediscovered a yearning to do the experimental shit that has made him so revered on the scene. Or maybe Green Velvet just told him to pull his socks up. Anyway, this record is awesome, futuristic but surprisingly warm, and sees these two veterans pushing the tech house genre into new territories once again.

2. Jamie XX — Gosh

Jamie XX has been much maligned during his DJ career. People criticise him using the success he has had with the XX to drive a relatively uninspiring career behind the decks (seemingly forgetting that Gil Scott-Heron remix album from a few years back. This track shows the talent this guy possesses for production: comprised of mainly a bizarre voice sample, a frantic percussion beat and a sublime keyboard riff to finish, the track is a simple, effective, and above all catchy song that (I hope) will be blaring in all the festival tents this Summer.

The 90s did this to people

3. Leftfield — Universal Everything

Leftfield, dance music pioneers back in the 90s, released their first new track in 16 years, and its like they never left. Heavily inspired by the house and techno movements that have shaped dance music since their absence, the record feels fresh, while retaining a 90s dance feel.

Bare Mountain

4. Claude Von Stroke & Jesse Rose — Bare Mountain

The second biggest collaboration of last week, Jesse Rose and Claude Von Stroke announced they have produced a track together just the day after Carl Craig and Green Velvet’s announcement. The beats here are trademark VonStroke — varied and stabby and constantly moving the song to pastures new. The synths are 80s-esque, while the deep bass is designed for one purpose: to push soundsystems to their limit.

Lapalux: looks like a nice bloke, doesnlt he?

5. Lapalux — Puzzle (feat. Andreya Triana)

Lapalux, aka Stuart Howard, has released this chopped up, jazz-infused record with Bonobo collaborator Adreya Triana. The record is happy just to float along, with new solos and samples every few seconds from an already assured producer still at the start of his career.