Soon I was a nomad

For the past 9 months I’ve been remotely working mostly throughout south of Europe. This experience was made possible thanks to my job and my colleagues.

We work in a cooperative company. In short that means that we attempt to make things transparent to each other and to the outside, equally share benefits if any and aim for sustainability.

Back in March I decided to work from from around Italy now and then. Just to test. I was a contractor for Mozilla and therefore it was a remote job anyways.
I quite enjoyed and decided to renew the experience again and again until I’d feel like missing home. As of today, it hasn’t happened.

Then the summer month of June came up, an opportunity to dive in the children’s pool. A two and a half month trip carrying a 30 liters backpack where all my personal belongings and work needs should go. It actually fits easy. Well, at least at the summertime in south of Europe.

Now is December and I’m getting reading for the big dive: leave home to better live the World.

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