Day 1

So yesterday started the first week of boot camp at andela. It was most getting to know the other members ***cough***competitions ***cough*** and well to know what was expected of us as individuals and as a team. We went through some basic coding techniques as well tech that is supposed to support us like git.

“the life save that is git”

The tech crew and the teachers were really funny bring back memories of when we back in college except this time the lecturers were more fun.

I’ll have to be honest I came for the boot camp to see exactly how the people here were like. I already have a job so this was a good way for me to be interviewed as well as for me to interview them. The fact that they served food was a plus on my book.

At the end of the session as I was headed home. We left at around 5.40 pm so had to rush home….what?…with all the traffic jam I actually might miss supper.

So on my way home I kept asking myself one very important question.

“Max is it really worth it to take a pay cut and join such a fun place?”

“God send me the sign”

So for this next part I am gonna have to give a story from way back. So during my first year in Kenyatta University I had a girl friend, beautiful, smart and fun. I literally met on the line to register at the campus. This reduced my…options. This wasn’t bad at all but one day…I met a very beautiful girl called lilly. She was the jaw dropping type. She did economics at the university…you know…the one where they do until calculus 3 because calculus just ain’t hard enough.

Every time we met there was always a smile on her face and calm, cool, polite elegance about her demeanor. Well nothing happened with her even when I broke up with my then girl friend. To this day I have always asked myself what could have been of us.

So yesterday after work I’m walking home after the andela session, obviously in a hurry to buy food…you know as bachelors don’t cook. As I walked up the road I noticed a lady walking slowly and blocking my path, blue dress and a nice figure. It was 8 pm and my joint was gonna get closed up pretty soon so I hurried to pass her and it was that moment when we glanced at each other.

It wasn’t Lilly, but damn…her face was proof that God actually exist…see where I am going with this? Sign from God.

I think I stared for too long for she smiled and just said


She must be used to us fisi-o-logists staring.

“Hi” I squealed back. I don’t wanna talk about what happened next but thanks due in part to general Cahunas( If you don’t get this joke by now trust me next week on Monday you’ll wake up like “Oh! general Cahunas”) I managed to get her number.

The restaurant was closed, I slept hungry but happy and listening to Feeling good by Nina Simone (Google it).

Andela here I come

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