Time Management

wod ‘up my ninjas?

I think from now on I’ll start my blogs like this. So as ya’ll know I’m on my first week of boot camp here at Andela and well time has been an issue when it came to balancing andela and my current job.

I wondered where the upload button was.

This has brought about my memory about one of my cousins. I got a lot of cousins, like a lot. My great grandfather had fourteen wives and over 50 kids. He had time for that. Anyway in his sea of children and great grandchildren this particular cousin stands out. He was always well organized, like super well organized. If being organized was a super power Captain America would have nothing on him. He would arrange everything in a neat way even the socks he would were the next day were place in a neat row on the bed rest. He was a christian and he had in his possession a list where he had written the number of times he had a read a book in the bible.

In a way this cousin influenced and challenged me to improve myself in a lot of ways. Like for instance to read the bible from start to finish. Don’t let this make you conclude that I am a very religious person. No I’m not. I have however found that bible offers a lot of life lessons. Its also the most action packed book I have ever read, I mean really Samson killed like over a thousand philistines with the jaw bone of an ass. Ass as in the donkey, not like he took the a man ripped him apart and then took his… No.

I’m deviating we were talking about time management. From my Cousin too I have learned the importance of planning, strategizing and execution. I do sometimes cut it really short of a deadline like right now, 5 minutes to the deadline, but I always deliver on time.