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Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of working with Kubernetes or even Swarm environments, which is A-OK if you want to keep things unencumbered. But at some point, you may need to scale your stateless containers to sustain increasing inbound traffic.

Photo by Andreas Gücklhorn on Unsplash

Fine, you’d say, I’ll just fire up another machine, deploy there as well, and put a load-balancer in front… And it’s that easy indeed!
But what happens when you (well, your CD pipeline) deploy on both machines? …

Pong + Handtrack.js

So… holidays came and went, but right before enjoying our food-centric Italian traditions we worked on another experiment in the series.

This time our team was very small.
In fact, because of vacations, we were just 3 people.

Alexa + WebGL

In this first issue of Tech Mondays we’ve tackled the integration of two seemingly opposite worlds:

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa and a WebGL scene.

We’ll get to the technical aspects, but first let’s see what we have achieved, and what this could possibly enable.

Designers answer the question: Why?
Technicians answer the question: How?

We haven’t yet managed to understand what to call ourselves,
since we answer the question: WTF?!?

Allowing us to do so, a get-together has been established: Tech Mondays.

Soooo, this article/guide is being written because like many peeps around me I’ve heard about Docker, it seemed interesting, but the whole concept of containers didn’t make much sense to me.

I‘ll try to explain what I understood bottom up, in the way I found it out over a weekend. If you find any inconsistency I would like to see that pointed out.

Friday I ran my first dockerized application (being built by a friend) on OSx.

I had to download a packaged client, which came with an UI and I think I had to press a switch in there…

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