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How is ReactJS different from Angular

React is a UI library developed and open-sourced by Facebook in 2011 and currently is the most popular JavaScript library to build user interfaces. I am emphasizing the fact that it is a library here. I will explain why this is important later.

React is the most popular UI library right now, and it powers thousands of websites. React uses JavaScript as its primary language and can run on many platforms, including web, Android, iOS, and even VR.

How Does React Work?

At the heart of all react, applications are components. A Component is a piece of the user interface. While building applications with…

What is Angular and why should we use it?

When I started as a Software Engineer 2 years ago, this frontend, backend, database, deployment, and all these terms freaked me out. To understand what Angular is or why it is used, we need to first know where it fits in this big world of application development and what part it plays in it, so let’s begin.

Application Development

We use many applications in our day-to-day life, and they are built on various languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, Swift, Ruby, etc., but there are usually 3 main parts to building any application, let’s look at what they are.

Use cases where we can make use of Interceptors in Angular.

We have faced multiple scenarios where we might want to globally capture or change every request or response, like append a user’s token or handle errors from the response and we can achieve this using Http Interceptor. Interceptor is a special Angular Service that can be used to intercept all the request and response calls and modify them to our requirement.

What Are Interceptors?

Interceptors allow us to intercept incoming or outgoing HTTP requests using the . They can handle both as well as .

By intercepting the Http request, we can modify or change the value of the request, and by…

Small things with great impact in the long-run

2 years back I started as a rookie and was anxious to enter the programming world, and there are several things that I wish someone had told me when I started this journey rather than finding out the hard way. Hope this article helps some of the new minds who are going to start their journey into the programming world.

Learn To Learn

Programming is an infinite world where new technologies emerge every day and we need to be updated with the market requirements to be of significance and you can’t go to institutions to learn these new technologies, but you need to…

It’s not all sunshine and roses when you make your passion your main job, there’s more to it.

“Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

We see tons of motivational quotes daily on making your passion a career like the one mentioned above, but nobody told about the struggles that we might end up facing. Each one of us has different passions in life and doing them gives a sense of satisfaction.

It is the one thing that excites me, that I look forward to doing in my mediocre life, and makes me feel alive, who wouldn’t want to do it for a living? …

What triggers anxiety and what can we do to get over it?

“Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all” — Bill Clinton

We experience intense, excessive, and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. There's no fixed formula to know what triggers anxiety in a particular person, it depends on many criteria. It can be triggered due to the loss of a loved one or financial problems or work stress. It can even be triggered due to food habits like excess alcohol or caffeine. You might experience it daily but you might not have mapped the symptoms to anxiety.

Symptoms of anxiety might include:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Rapid breathing

What is Async JavaScript and how to use it?

Parallelism is the utilization of multiple threads in an operating system. Routines can run at the same time regardless of execution order.

JavaScript, however, is single-threaded and only one line of code can be executed at any given time. Many functions are provided by JavaScript host environments that allow you to schedule asynchronous actions. In other words, actions that we initiate now, but they finish later. For instance, one such function is the function. So how do we achieve Async execution of code in JavaScript? …

Node.js basic project structure. How to create a RESTful application using the above technologies

Let’s build a RESTful application using the following technologies

  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Sequelize
  • PostgreSQL

Create Project And Install Dependencies

Please install node on the system if you haven’t already

Let’s first create a node.js project.

mkdir codegig
cd codegig
npm init -y

So the above 3 lines will create a directory called and we switch to it, then we run the which will create the for us. We’ll be using VScode IDE for programming but you can use other IDEs which you are familiar with.

Now we move on to installing the required dependencies for our project.

npm i body-parser…

How is Social Media affecting our generation?

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? I’m pretty sure you start checking your phone.

Social media has become a part and parcel of our day-to-day life. It’s affecting us even without us noticing. Social media was started with the intent to create a forum to allow people from different social and cultural backgrounds to interact regardless of location and time. But, unfortunately, there’s a lot more negative impact on the youth from social media than positive.

When was the last time we made friends outside our workplace or college…

Why should we shift from RestTemplate to WebClient?

We use RestTemplate to make calls to other services but is it the best option? The RestTemplate will be deprecated in a future version and will not have major new features added going forward. Let’s see how we can use WebClient to make calls to other rest services and how it’s better than RestTemplate.

RestTemplate In Spring Boot

RestTemplate is the central class within the Spring framework for executing synchronous HTTP requests on the client-side. It is very similar to the JdbcTemplate, JmsTemplate, and the various other templates found in the Spring Framework. We can use RestTemplate by using just one dependency.



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