Expedia.com Partners with Coinbase for Hotel Payments via Bitcoin

how can i response to something im still learning but in doubt it doesnt take a genius to figure one out..in response to this article in particular i was hoping that someone might be interested in walking through to guide me in using this bitcoin as one of the payment option on hotel that i was booking myself with..but to my dissapointment as i said it doesnt take a genuis to figure out what it takes to use this particular payment method i can find otu myself on how to use this… but in general its easier to say than done because of misinterpretation of one explanation for one to understand which is given beforehand..in my personal opinion i would rather take a suggestion or opinion on how these programs really work…coz i have a situation that i am nowhere to be in one safe home because my brother was away and im only allowed for now to stay with him but unfortunately he is somewhere taking a vacation and im all left out of a home so i decide since im low on cash or lets say i cant evem have to buy something worth as little as a can of pop so i checked google for a installment payment or where i can be some hotel for now with the option of staying in and paying later but i dont usually get these types of situation but we all called it an emergency housing and i really need to use this option for now coz i had no choice….anyways as i was trying with no bumpin and getting bruises out of my misleague i was hoping somebody would guide me through this program coz im in need…so far nothing is happening and ive been trying all the possibilitues of one human to be keep safe tonight until i get someone or even a friend to lean a hand buit this is my last option nonetheless …….so im stuck somewhere figuring out what to do…since nobody knows how to get me settled with the one i have to deal with and figure out this thing on my own…or i could just wait for a miracle….at least someone has the couraged to let me stay for a couple of night and he was really a friend…

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