We Go Back To The Source

Photo Credit: Pixabay

What really happens after we die?

That’s the question I’ve thought about for decades, likely starting at the age of four when my mother broke the news that our dear neighbor, Rita, died suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 42. I remember feeling my little body sink in the seat at the kitchen table as I realized one of my favorite people wouldn’t be back to play with me ever again.

“She’s in heaven with Papa Dios (God), Mamita. It’s a beautiful place and we’ll see her again when we go there a long time from now.”

Well, that’s one theory, ma.

And there are so many others from different religions varying only slightly in their details of the afterlife and the good and bad consequences that stem from our life choices. Perhaps it’s because these theories reflect an extension of human concepts: places (kingdom of heaven or the fiery pits of hell), our senses (we’ll hear the harps of heaven), and the passage of time (we’ll be there for eternity) that I’m left to wonder about the afterlife 31 years later. Yet what I’ve gathered on death thus far is that it seems so far removed from anything human, except of course, that to be human means we all must experience it.

There’s been no proof of what happens afterward and no convincing communication with the dead to reveal to us living folk what it’s like (sorry, mediums). What really happens after death is so unknown and likely impossible for our minds to comprehend that to assume we just continue in some transformed human state feels…unimaginative.

The universe is wildly grand and we were made from it so there’s got to be more than what we humanly can perceive.

At this point in my thought process I’d usually start to panic and irrationally conclude, I never want to die! But a few years ago when I started asking myself a different question a strange sense of calm came over me: Where were we before we were born?

It’s another unanswerable question, but that existence — altered by a life lived — is one which we will experience again after we die. We, in essence, go back to where we came from.

We go back to the Source.