Programming Different Objects
Today I will be programming two objects which are a drone and a tiny robot insect that goes into your body and kills cancer
So this is what I will be doing with the drone I will be looking for fire in the woods and I will use a loop so this is my loop…
“Go straight but if see fire tell me where and show a map if no fire then keep going straight.”
So I am doing this in a very simple code that way I won’t have to be like “Go straight go straight …” And that way it takes less time for it to understand and less time to think about what to code next.
tiny robot insect that goes into your body to detect and kill cancer cells:
I need to program this robot now I think it might be harder but lets give it a try…
“Fly into human body, go straight exept when see a cancer cell kill it then keep on walking.”
I guess it wasn’t so bad it was like before simple and easyer to read!!!
Well I enjoyed pretending to program these two thing and i Hope you liked it!!!
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