Cointed — The Future of Money

We are looking for easy and secure in cryptocurrency.Here it is The Future of money-cointed. Cointed founded with the young men who had been fans in Bitcoin in 2014.The aimed is to achieve a goal of Making the access to cryptocurrencies as easy as possible and is to satisfy the demand for convenient ways.It is to build a bridge between the cryptocurrency world and the real world.IT is to satisfy the demand for convenient ways to convert fiat currency into cryptocurrencies and vice versa, without abandoning safety.

Through a wide range of products and services Cointed is now one of Europe’s market leaders and the only all-round service provider in the crypto scene. Thanks to our online exchange, together with our numerous bitcoin ATMs, obtaining cryptocurrencies has never been easier. We also offer payment systems for retailers of all sizes, a crypto VISA card and sustainable “Green” cryptocurrency mining with a unique business model.

Already cryptocurrencies are being adopted globally by consumers and the business world alike. As a commodity that is unrestricted by national borders, we strive to build a bridge between the real world and cryptocurrencies through future-oriented products and services.

Unlike other projects in the cryptocurrency world — where business ideas are being presented without transparent roadmaps how those self-set goals are meant to be reached — Cointed already offers a wide range of working blockchain-based products and services. The company has a successful business model and is already profitable.

  • Cryptocurrency Trading on the Cointed crypto exchange.
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency ATMs, which we operate as the biggest provider in Europe.
  • Payment Solutions, which can be integrated in online shops and existing cash register systems.
  • Green Mining at multiple mining farms throughout Europe, keeping with our slogan ,Mine green and save the planet“. Only through environmentally friendly mining with hydro- and wind power a sustainable growth of the blockchain can be ensured.

The Cointed Crypto Card is a VISA debit card which enables our users to spend cryptocurrencies to buy goods and services and withdraw funds from ATMs all over the world. Card users can spend every supported digital asset in the Cointed wallet, with the list of supported assets growing steadily.

Cointed users are not required to convert their crypto assets into fiat in order to pay to merchants or withdraw cash from ATMs. Upon payment or cash withdrawal, the system checks whether the user has a sufficient amount of cryptocurrency in their wallets and deducts this amount from the user’s wallet. Conversion from cryptocurrencies to fiat is done according to the exchange rate of the partnering cryptocurrency exchange.

The Cointed Crypto Card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted (40M merchants worldwide), making it ideal for daily use.

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