Restorative Justice > Mob Justice
Nick Farr

I’m writing this comment in support of Nick and bearing witness to his experience at 30c3. We talked a few times while Jake was doing this to him, and we also talked about the other things Jake was doing at that event. Nick was trying to help everyone who was being harmed, and it was unbelievably overwhelming. Separately that same year, Jake was doing everything in his power, viciously and abusively, to take credit for the work of two researchers who were set to have the star presentation at CCC. This was a separate campaign which also involved getting the schedule and website edited to Jake’s demands without consent of those involved. One researcher is a close friend (and like me, this friend has not returned to CCC either, based on this experience). I saw what happened with this talk from beginning to end. Jake was eventually successful in making it appear as though the work of both researchers was his.

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