“Communication through technology.”

Over the years, technology has significantly changed the way individuals communicate. As technology starts to change, so do we in the way we communicate. Making sure we communicate in a safe and ethical way is essential in order to function positively as a society. Technology has many beneficial factors to individuals, however with technology there are also many negatives.

Technology has dramatically changed the way we function as a society, telephones replaced the telegraph and now phones, email and the internet are our preferred communication methods. Society has accepted and embraced the increased role technology now plays in our everyday lives.

Social media such as twitter and facebook allow individuals to communicate with family, friends and even strangers. These internet based social networking sites allow people to share information and photos with others regardless of the distance between them.

Personally, ever since technology and social media took a toll, i was able to build a stronger connection with my Grandparents living overseas. Rather than waiting weeks for pictures and updates to come in the mail, we are now able to see and contact each other within a click of a button. Instead of waiting to speak to one another face to face or through letters, the use technology allows individuals to connect with each other whenever they please.

Although technology is convenient and provides entertainment, it has many negative impacts. It places affect on people’s social skills as they are more reliant when communicating with others through a computer or phone screen. Individuals may find it difficult to talk to others in person due to being so dependent when communicating through technology. With technology came hackers and thieves. People are able to steal personal information such as bank details and identity. No technology communication device is 100% secure which is an issue many choose to ignore.

Changes in technology has had an impact on society both positively and negatively. Using smart phones and the internet allow individuals to keep connected with one another. It has changed the world to the extent where some are unable to live without it even though it carries many risks and disadvantages.

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Driving Question: “An understanding of how changes in technology impact on the way humans communicate, and the ethical issues that surround these changes”

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