Amandine, Character Profile

Photo by John Paul Summers on Unsplash

Writing Prompt # 36

Amandine lost her mother on the verge of adulthood. She, however, despite being a different species from a different world, had to continue on with life.

Amandine, as a child, was the chosen prophetess for her world, Glanderia. She foresaw the future through dreams which consisted of what could happen and was going to happen.

Her species, having helped the Terrans (earthlings) through their difficulties on earth for a couple of millennia, searched for the two Fulfillers. The ancient prophecy stated that they were to help save her world during the time of great evil.

Her path was to go to the section of Terra called America. Outside of what her parents taught her when she was a child, the rest of what she needed to know came through the hard knocks of life. She did what she had to in order to survive life. Smiling was not something she did much of unless she was comfortable with people and/or her surroundings.

It wasn’t until a Fulfiller came into her life that she was shocked out of her grief. Amandine and the Fulfillers returned to her world at the same time but not in the same place. She had to find them since the time was ripe. It was important to move quickly. Journey with me to a world where no one cares if evil reigns except their prophetess and two people from earth.