23 Absolutely Annoying Cat Ways to Love You

We all love to get a little affection and being told we are loved.
Having a feline friend, however, isn't all moonlight and roses.
Cats aren't exactly the most romantic animals, and their methods of showing closeness are weird and often annoying. 10/10 cat owners will relate to the facts below, confirming their pets have these habits.

How to Tell if Your Cat Loves You

If you are looking for signs your cat loves you, check this list. If your cat doesn't show at least half of the behaviour, then it probably hates you or even is dog behaving.

What are the most common signs your cat loves you?

  1. Love Purrs. Cats mostly do this for attention seeking, but they also express their joy and happiness by purring. This action also lowers their blood pressure and relaxes them.

2. Love Bites. Sometimes, they love too hard and go from cute biting to hard chewing your hand as if it was some kind of treat or toy. This is another strange method to playfully express affection.

3. Licking You All Over. When they where little kittens, their mother used to lick them as an act of tenderness and now, they make you all wet and spitty thinking you also enjoy this.

4. Head Butting. Why are you doing this? To receive a head butt from a cat is a big deal. For them is like a bro-fist, which means you have earned their trust.

5. Bringing You Dead Gifts. That disgusting dead mouse your cat brought you the other day is actually his own way of showing loyalty. Cats have natural hunting instincts, so don’t punish this type of behaviour.

6. Aggressively Massaging. Jumping on you and shoving you specially while you sleep is their way to exercise therapy on you. Even when it hurts, cat’s intention is to cheer you up and show you how gratified they are.

7. Face Rubbing. This is another way of showing attachment to you and there is no right time for doing it. Your cat thinks you enjoy this, even if you’re struggling trying to watch a movie or do your work.

8. Stealing Your Food. Cats Like Sharing. Even if you bough him the most expensive feline food, it will find your peace of whatever you are eating more appetizing.

The same way they bring you their hunting presents, they expect you to do the same.

9. Redecorating the Room. Shredding the furniture, specially your most favourite pieces is actually their way to show possession. Your cat probably feels like you belong to him and this includes your items as well.

10. Playing Hard to Get. One moment your cat will be loving your attention and the next minute he’ll decide to leave the room just like that and ignore you. These smarty animals love being chased thinking they are too important.

11. Trying To Trip You. Your cat will be constantly running and lying in your legs while you try to get to the next room. This is another attention-seeking habit as they want you to notice them, no matter if you have other most important tasks.

12. Keep That Meow Going All Night. Why do cats meow? Even if you are just trying to get a little sleep , your cat may think you are ignoring him and start meowing. Cats often meow to desire petting, some playing time or to get you to talk to them.

13. Wicked Staring. Cats are curious and like to see what you are up to most of the time, especially when you are changing clothes or taking a shower. They find our human habits interesting and like to observe their owners.

14. Belly Showing. Human, do you like this? If your cat shows you freely and without reservations his belly, it means that it’s comfortable enough around you to be exposed and feels a strong trust.
You wouldn’t just show your belly to anyone, would you?

15. Eye Flirting. Cats only make eye contact with people they trust. If your kitty locks eyes with you, giving you a slow blink when your eyes are met, then it is giving you a cat kiss. Be a gentle and give them that sweet slow blink back.

16. Following You Everywhere. Your cat may act casual about it, like it just happens to be wherever you go. It may even dissimulate and look away when you glance back at him, but clearly, your cat is interested in you and wants to be where you are.

17. Missing You Excessively. When you come home after being away for a longer period, you may find surprises like shredded items.
Cats are like little kids who crave for someone’s presence even if they don’t get the attention.

They don’t want you being away for too long. If your cat spends too many hours a day alone, it can become sad or show aggressive cat behaviour. You may want to think about getting a pet sitter to stay by during the day, like Fantastic Pet Care to provide your cat the care it needs. Or you can find other ways to fulfil your pet’s life, like another feline friend.

17. Sleeping With You. Did we not talk about this? As they are most vulnerable during their sleep, the place your cat chooses to nap has to be somewhere it feels secure. Sleeping on your bed (or over you) means your cat buddy feels secure when it is close to you.

18. Cats Love with their Butts. Maybe you are having dinner or watching something and your cat will decide to pass in front of you showing his butt. Not the loveliest view, right? This cat body language is another “back handed compliment” that cats offer to their most trusted and dear people. Kitties identify each other by scent, and for them butt-sniffing is the equivalent to a personal hand shake.

19.Knocking Everything Over With Their Tails. Flipping their tail around when they are near you is an habit for expressing their mood, even if they knock your favourite items.
It is just the same way we get excited when we are around our favourite people.

20.That Leg-Rubbing Love. You are trying to get to the other room, but your cat is all going crazy over your legs. This is an important bonding ritual and is the most common way to express admiration.

22. Making Faces. Sometimes they’ll stare at you with their mouth slightly opened as if it they are making fun of you. This way they perceive your scent better. Cats lift their lips after a specific long sniff which is also a sign for bonding.

23. Spying On You. This the another girlfriend behaviour cats show. Maybe you want to spend some time alone, but a closed door is a challenge for any cat. His curiosity most times won’t even leave you take a shower in peace. That is obviously because they feel so attached to you and don’t like to be left alone or feel ignored.

All these habits are often very annoying and disturbing for us. When you feel tired and think you had too much of this behaviour, remember this is all because your kitten loves you. Love is sometimes suffocating and excessive, but we are just the same when we love someone too much.

No matter how irritating some of these situations are, sometimes you need to look at things on the humorous side. Cats are comical animals and will find a way to entertain you even if it is not their main purpose.

Next time your cat jumps over you and decides to nap or comes to give you little head butts, don’t be rude and accept the feline love. We all express or emotions differently.

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