The most under rated thing to do is to do.

Everyone's getting it in but not getting it. Busier than ever, juggling more hustle than ever but not getting it.

We see it all around us, especially on social media. Next time look in someone's bio... CEO/Founder/Trader/Influencer/Speaker/Motivator.

"The hunter who chases two rabbits catches neither one"

Surrounded by so much opportunity but being indecisive in mastering one is the same as to master none the same as if there was no opportunity present at all.

Constantly mistaking busy for productive and fooling ourselves we're disregarding one of the most important factors to succeed which is having tunnel vision.

The moment you look around and are distracted by greener grass or shinier objects you have lost.

Think of an Olympic sprinter, before they even hear the words "on your marks" their eyes and mind are set on the finish line and nothing but the finish line.

Join us on this #DayOne journey and use the next 7 days to stay focused on one course without being distracted and do because it's easy to hear people clap and encourage your hustle but without closing deals and getting results in line with your why you'll burn out.

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