To win you need to outscore your opponent, to outscore you need to have a goal.

Setting goals (yes goals you can’t have one end goal in mind) has been shunned and everyone wants to do their own thing now. We see what we want and we set out to just go get it. Think of having an address but not taking the time to find the best route.

Mindlessly we all know what we’re doing after watching a few YouTube videos, no plan in place and no goals as checkpoints to make sure you’re on the right path.

The hunger, passion and fire in us gets us started but what happens when the fire burns low, the passion fades and you start seeing distractions that could settle that hunger temporarily.

Along the journey to your final goal, there will most certainly be a million and one distractions, although in every biography of a great it mentions how laser focused they were and how nothing threw them off… But they’re human too so how do they have such a high capacity for focus???

To stay focused with the same laser focus your forefront focus should be on smaller goals. For example if you want to have 100 clients the law of averages says 1/10 people will say yes which means you’ll need to speak to 1000 people. If you’ve given yourself 10 days for this you’ll need to speak to 100 people a day. Now that you’ve broken that down instead of just focusing on having 100 clients in 10 days your focus is on the process of speaking to 100 people a day which will deliver you to your end goal.

Managing your goal broken down to daily goals is the most effective way of staying focused, especially if you have huge dreams at hand.

Chasing a dream can start to feel as if you’re never getting closer but if your approach is to conquer one day a time designed to compound into your dream then you just caught a W if you mix it with a little bit of patience.

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