Maybe Life Is Not Going Your Way But It’s Going God’s Way (And That’s So Much Better)

by Rania Naim

In the past, I would not have moved across the world because I never liked challenges, I liked familiar things, I liked my comfort zone, I liked staying the same but now I’ve changed and grown in so many ways and I’m working on becoming someone I never thought I’d be. I didn’t think I was capable of changing this much, I didn’t think I was capable of working on myself, I didn’t think I could actually change my life without some miraculous magic wand and that’s all the result of life not turning out the way I planned.

So when I look back on my journey, I feel blessed that life never really went my way, it’s a blessing that it didn’t follow my rules or my direction because I was totally lost. I still am. I think I’ll always be. I find myself more as time goes by but there are still parts of me that are scattered in different cities, different oceans, different dreams, different lives I want to live and I still can’t pinpoint which one I really belong to.

And I guess that’s the only good thing about life not going your way, you don’t have to worry too much about your story and how it’s going to end because life goes the way God has planned and written for you anyway and that will always be a thousand times better than what you had planned for yourself.

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