My Fellow Americans,
 Logistics, the word every candidate for elected office is oblivious to when they open their mouths promising the unrealistic during a political campaign. It’s like being told you get to go to a Paul McCartney Concert in Madison Square Garden, but you end up at a back yard barbecue in Duluth with a tribute band from Iowa City. That’s logistics, it’s every man’s truth serum. I bring this to your attention, because recent events warrant I do. No, not the Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years, but the jet exhaust of our election.
 To tell the truth I cannot stop laughing. Laughing at the fact we elected The Class Clown of 2016. No, it’s not just his hair, his bad makeup, or his sinister clown smirk, but the Warner Bros. cartoon thoughts gurgling out of his mouth that send me over the edge with mirth. You know, “We’re going to deport or jail those two to three million illegals with a criminal record.” 
 Now for of most of you this line is chilling, but that’s because you have been sucked into the monologue of TCC of ’16 as if it were real. Taken with a dose of logistics, it’s a crack up. Swallowing a mere tablespoon of Logistics tells us that even at the speedy rate of half a million a year, it will take four to six years to accomplish this task, if everything goes according to plan. That means catching, and processing just over 40,000 illegals per month with criminal records for 48 to 60 months non-stop. This is on top of what our law enforcement and judicial branch of government are already doing with everyday crime.

That’s an extra 2000 cases a day, nationwide. Now think of the number of new police officers, bailiffs, court clerks, public defenders, court recorders, stenographers, secretaries, prosecutors and judges it will take to accomplish this, many of whom, in plural America, will share the same color skin, and perhaps the same surname, as those they are processing through the system. Then there are the secured facilities that will have to be built to accommodate all the new government employees processing these people. Even with a light estimate we’re talking tens of thousands of new government employees, and tens of billions of dollars needed to fund it all. No doubt the expansion of the government, and the tax dollars that go with it will be music to the ears of the supporters to the majority party who’s decades old dogma has been less taxes and smaller government. 
 Ah government, always this majority party’s nemesis, and something you yourself have come to loath from time to time, is about to become the illegal’s new best friend. Having been a federal employee for nearly 10 years, get ready, all of you, to take a double dose of Logistics as prescribed earlier, you may need it. Take it from someone who knows, when government wants to do something, it does. And when it doesn’t? Molasses looks like it’s moving at the speed of light. Realize that our modern federal government is employing people who’s origins top 67 nations. Modern government employment is heavily tilted in the direction of minorities and women. If you are President-Elect, and you want your campaign promises to materialize, you don’t dis the thousands of people who can help you get it done, otherwise your plans will disappear in the bureaucratic vat of Logistics. This lesson was taught to one of the richest men in the world recently. 
 After Warren Buffet purchased the Burlington Northern/ Santa Fe Railroad in 2010 he wanted to make it more efficient and profitable by speeding up everything his railroad did. Here in Montana and other states, he started by laying off hundreds of employees. The remaining employees felt his actions made the railroad less safe. In protest, they didn’t go on strike, they just made the entire railroad slowdown to a crawl. Within a few months Mr. Buffet got the message; he indeed owned the rail company, and occupied the executive seat, but he didn’t run the railroad. Soon enough the rehiring commenced, and the trains ran on time again. 
 Our government is no different. The person occupying the executive seat may delude themselves into thinking they themselves run the show, but bureaucracy will always remind them they don’t. So relax, smile, and be comfortable knowing now that The Class Clown of 2016 has shot off his big mouth, if he wants to get anything done, he’ll have to be extra nice to the very people who can make it happen, the female and minority employees of our federal government. And remember, the next time you interact with a government employee on the local, state, or federal level, thank them for their labors. Remind them how much better your life is because of what they do; slowing down the workings of American Democracy. That was, after all, the original intent of those who set up our form of government; slow and deliberate so everyone could be heard and included. It was never intended to be run like a business, because it’s not a business, it’s government, by the people, for the people.