Blog Post #13 — Website

So for this assignment I have to admit I have it a little easier than a lot of the other students in class since I already have a website….but I have struggled immensely with the message, the content and blurb about what I do, so this was super timely.

Since I have created my own area in the field of nutrition integrated with the non-physical side of things in order to help people create changes that actually last, there is no mainstream term that easily describes what I do. Hence the struggle. But, I have settled on saying that I am a “Conscious Nutrition” health coach and intuitive that helps people identify the gap in their health and how they can correct it. This most likely will lead to further questions being asked about it, which is fine, even welcome, but trying to keep things succinct is absolutely helpful.

You tell me, does that sound like you would at least have somewhat of a grasp on what I do, or would it encourage you to ask more about it? :)

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