Weekly Blog Post #8 — Pricing Models

Because of the nature of my business which is health coaching, I use a pricing model of package pricing. In the beginning I charged by the service (90 minute massage $125, 1 hour consultation $80) but I found that this approach didn’t work well, as people tended to only purchase a random session here or there and that doesn’t work effectively for health coaching.

Health coaching takes time, and a structured plan that requires follow up and accountability in order to yield the best results for the client. So I switched to package pricing and had much better success, as did my clients. Because I utilize body treatments integrated into my health coaching and dietary adjustments for clients however, I had to find a way to include the treatments in the package without causing the prices to skyrocket or undervaluing myself and the benefits that the client receives from this integrated health approach. So I created several different packages that included options for people to choose from.

The lower end packages are also a shorter time commitment on behalf of the client, along with fewer body treatments included so I looked at the price of what a standalone body treatment session would be as I still offer those a la carte, and then how much of an effort it requires from me (some body treatments are more physically demanding), and then adjusted to the price to be lower, yet still worth my time and effort put into it.

At first, I had a difficult time with this, because you know people want a good deal. But then, I really had to look at how much energy and effort I put into my clients, and decided that I want quality clients, rather than just quantity, and if someone wants a cheapy $50 massage, they’re really not for me anyway. The value of what the treatment adds to the dietary adjustments is HUGE and the price should reflect that. So I looked at all those variables before settling on my package pricing and came up with amounts that are both fair while still providing value, and that I wouldn’t be resentful about. After all, if you start doing work that you know is being undervalued, you will get resentful and that energy comes through in your work.