Blog Post #5 — What Book Have I Chosen and Why?

Part 3 of ongoing business class blog assignment.

I chose to order and read “Creative Truth” by Brad Weaver. I chose this book out of the options listed since it seemed to provide most of what I was looking for without necessarily needing to be involved in a Graphic Design business. Brad lays out step by step tangible, logical tools and advice to anyone looking to create and build a profitable business with a strong professional background of his own.

For me personally, and creatives I think in general, the very thing that sets us apart, which is the way we see and think, is the very thing that can be a setback to being a successful business owner, but doesn’t have to be. As creatives, we tend to see big picture, blanket results, the beauty and value of what we are creating, and also passion that our world so desperately needs to counterbalance becoming solely focused on money, technology and greed that can and in many cases does do so much damage to our planet, society and species.

Creative people tend to be more right brain oriented, yet the logical side of our brains is generally associated with the left brain. So while we bring much to the table and the world as a whole, I think that because we don’t automatically think in terms of logic, this can be a big setback for us in regards to creating a business that is successful. Probably most creatives would agree with me on this, we have amazing, innovative ideas, but we oftentimes lack the logical, tangible thinking processes to make it a reality without some help.

For me, this is most certainly the case. I have a gift, and am very passionate about the gift I provide to people. Teaching people how to eat in order to make them healthy and feel amazing, and as a result be happier and enjoy life more is a beautiful gift to bring to the world. I am able to teach in such a way that people comprehend what I am teaching and retain the information better. I understand how most people think and seem to almost intuitively know what to say and how to say it for the maximum benefit, and show them HOW they can apply what they have learned to their benefit and daily routine. My gifts in that area come naturally and fairly effortlessly. But as for business know-how? Nope! Don’t really know where to start or even what I don’t know.

So reading this book by Brad Weaver so far has already helped me shift my thinking just enough that I now have a starting point to work from. The needed first step to take in order to give me the direction I need to go. First and most important lesson? Think of it as a business first, and your passion and gift to humanity second. THIS single piece of information I can say without a doubt is key. Especially since I know many friends in similar creative industries and healing modalities that do not think this way. Like I said, it’s just not the way we are wired first and foremost. BUT, the good news is that is can be learned. After all, as an abstract thinker, I need to be able to be given a tangible starting point to help work from. And his book definitely is clear and to the point on the steps.

The other important thing that this book has inadvertently led me to learn is that the willingness to learn in an area that doesn’t immediately ignite my passion, in order to achieve the end result I want is something that already sets me a part from others in my similar industry. I’ve learned that the very stereotypes of those in the healing community is part of what works against us, and so it has become apparent to me that my challenge is to help bridge that gap. This will be an ongoing project I’m sure, but it is something that I think will help me zero in on my ultimate business model and adjust my services to address.

Then again, maybe not, but I have always benefited from understanding HOW something works and then once I can understand it and see the whole picture, I can then innovate from there. So, business classes and learning in an area that doesn’t come naturally to me can certainly not work against me, but I will probably learn along the way what does and doesn’t quite work for me too. And that is the very definition of a creative process.