5 steps to fix iPhone 6 cannot turn on

The iPhone 6 is failed to boot, what’s going on? After checking, Vip Pro Shop Team give 5 steps to fix iPhone 6 cannot turn on.

Step 1

Disassemble the iPhone by phone opening tools, take out the iPhone motherboard. Connect it to DC power supply, the boot current shows 700mA, which means there is a power supply short circuit.

Step 2

Open the phone circuit diagram and check it, we can find that the diode data of PP1V8_SDRAM is low.

Step 3

Measure the diode data the PP1V8_SDRAM with multimeter, the data only have around 100, it is lower than normal data.

Step 4

According to the repair experience, this group abnormal power supply was caused by damaged capacitor at lower right corner of iPhone CPU. As shown in picture 2. We just pick it off.

Step 5

After remove it, measure the diode data again, now the data is back to normal. Install the iPhone, and now it can be turned on!

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