About the BGA Reballing kit, there is somthing we should know

BGA Reballing Kit is used for reballing the solder balls of a BGA IC (Ball Grid Array). There are many BGA Reballing kit and BGA reowork station, it make you dazzled.Now, more and more professinal would like to choose latest universal kits and stations, it makes work easier and more efficient.

  1. BGA Rebaling stencil: all kinds model of BGA Reaballing stencil for iPhone or iPad.
  2. Solder flus paste,
  3. Adhesive Liquid Glue Remover
  4. Universal BGA Reballing station
  5. BGA Reballing stencil positioning mold
  6. Ultra Violet Light Lamp

The above are common BGA Rebaling tools, and please note that all the tools are many kind of model, you should be more carefully to understand before you buy it.

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