Troubleshoot: iPhone 5s boot shows white apple then restart

Today , Vip Pro Shop Team will post a new case which is when boot iPhone 5s, it shows white apple logo and then auto restart.

Trouble Reasons

The screw was wrong installed when replacing the LCD screen, and the motherboard was penetrated.


First, power off the device and remove the motherboard, we can see the screw column is damaged when observing with the microscope, there are traces of being pierced. As shown in picture 1.

Continue to scrape the motherboard layer, there are four wires were interrupted.

So we connect the broken wires one by one, and then make green oil solidification. As shown in picture 2.

Power on to test, it still reboot with the same symptom, replace U6 and U2 chip, fault is still as before, and the iPhone device reports error 9 at the last.

Finally, we remove the iPhone 5s NAND and reball it again with corresponding reballing stencil.

Finally, the iPhone 5s can boot normally, the fault is solved successfully.

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