10 Tips for generating Leads

There are many strategies and tactics to generate leads. I have tried to collect basic ways together and compiled a short list. All these tips are proven, so you can use any of them:

1. Referrals

A dog — man’s best friend, diamonds — girls best friend. But referrals — the best friends of your business. For some reason, not all are paying enough attention to this. But there is nothing better, when new customers come to you on the recommendation of someone from happy customers. After all those potential customers who have come on the recommendation of their friends, relatives, co-workers, are more likely to target actions committed: to buy goods, to order services, subscriptions to the newsletter, etc. So why do not you offer something interesting..?

2. Search Engine Optimisation

93% of people looking for products and services on the Internet using search engines. It is therefore very important to ensure the visibility of your site and its high position in the issuance of Google. The higher the position of your site on the issue, the more confident you can be that potential clients and customers will go to the pages of your website. Otherwise, you probably will not get a lot of traffic to your website. Help improve the position of a competent SEO-promotion.

3. Social networks

Recent studies show that those companies who spend every day at 6:00 in the social media, social networks, generate 60% more leads and increase by 78% the flow of traffic to a website.

What does this mean? The fact that the need to ensure the presence of your company on social networks.Why? Because people now want to be able to directly contact companies.

However, you need to figure out what kind of a social network, which channel your customers choose to use, because it makes no sense to waste their resources and be present in all social networks. Therefore, know your targets and customize your social profiles accordingly to generate more traffic.

4. Useful content

Thanks to the Internet, customers themselves choose where they seek information and who to believe. You do not always need someone else’s opinion or board to make a purchase decision. Therefore, the primary task — the creation of high quality content (educational, informative, related to the business) that meets the requirements and expectations of the readers.

Content — it’s more than just a blog publishing, maintaining, or news feed section with articles. There are many types of content, such as infographics, videos, audio podcasts, meme, e-books and so on. So start creating high quality content, do not forget about its various types, see what content is more likely to get your target audience. Do not forget to distribute content through social networks. Remember that content is sometimes outdated, so go back to it, add relevant information.

5. Landing (landing pages, LP)

Landing pages especially for the subscription and acquisition of contacts, are the easiest way of collecting information for the generation of email databases of their customers. Creating Landing Pages can be just a couple of clicks. There are various services and lead generation platform with ready-made templates that can be customized to your campaign.

Remember that ill-conceived Landing could lead to an outflow of traffic from the page. Therefore, using the analytical system to monitor the quality and efficiency of traffic channels will help to generate more traffic. Test everything from headlines to finishing color of the CTA button.

If you create an LP to collect contact information, consider what form fields to offer to fill their potential customers to increase the conversion rate of the page, rather than reduce it.

6. Marketing Automation

What do you plan to do with their subscription base, which you managed to collect through expert to attract traffic? We hope to send useful content, interesting and attractive offers to potential clients in order to convert traffic into cold hot. Therefore, Automate your email-marketing. By the way, 85% of marketers believe sending mails is the most effective tool for the conversion of leads into customers, through the sales funnel.

7. Feedback from current customers

Qualitative feedback from customers is worth its weight in gold. Ask your customers:

  • how they found out about you,
  • if they were asked to describe your company, business or product, what words they would be used to do this.

Believe me, this information will be valuable if you want to build a steady stream of new customers, and then to build a trusting relationship with them in the future. Agree, if you know how your customers found you, why they decided to collaborate with you, you will be able to determine the tactics to attract new customers to use channels to work more efficiently. This will help you find ideas for improving the quality of your service, your products and solutions.

Another tip: Do not just look for ways to improve services and goods, but also new opportunities in order to increase its contribution in the specific areas. This will allow you to be at the hearing side. This will give an opportunity to attract not only more traffic, but quality traffic.

8. Usability and attractiveness

Your shop, office, website, landing page, newsletter should be attractive. You will be amazed to learn that people come back because of the fact that they like and feel comfortable that you offer them some interesting capabilities that can directly be linked with their basic goods and services. When a person sees you as a future partner, as a company, where he will order the goods, it takes into account everything.

9. Networking

Building links is very important. We need to go to people: participate in exhibitions, master classes, handing out business cards and socialize. Building relationships sometimes requires not only time but also financial investments. But it pays off. If you are not at ease when you engage in dialogue with unfamiliar faces, do not worry. Many feel the same. You can always hide behind your complexes and cultivate them, and print business cards, brochures and reach the people, and then talk to them.

10. Contact Information

Share your contact information. Do not place it only on the page of the site, although it is a good place. Make sure you put your information in Google, in that your contact information is available in the online directories, on social networks and other media. The bottom line is that if your contacts are hard to find, your potential customers find you?

Achieving continuous flow of customers is very difficult. We hope these will be useful to you. After all, most of them do not require any special skills or a lot of investment for their implementation. If you are already using any of these methods, please tell us how effective it is for your industry.

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