Oh! how I wish it rains
Rains on my flesh and my bones,
And rains on this soul within,
That cries so helpless, all alone.

This soul of mine that is trapped,
In chains of metal and rings of fire
Tied and bound, thrown in the dungeons,
Freedom is what it wants to acquire.

Blood marks on the back of the soul
Tell a tale of a thorny whip,
The cuts and the bruises on the heart
And veins that are ready to rip!

The rain shall set it free,
And soothe the burns and wounds,
And heal the marks that dig so deep,
Set the soul free on the grounds.

It doesnt want to fly in the skies,
The sky was from where it was thrown
The ground is mother to it
Truth and reality has now been known!!

Written by- Vipin Chauhan

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